Bath sheet vs. shower towel sizes

Updated February 21, 2017

You might find fun in choosing bathroom essentials such as towels, but hitting the bathroom accessories aisle in the store can prove overwhelming, with numerous shelves of colour, material and size options. Bath sheets and bath towels, for instance, are very similar.


According to, bath towel sizes depend upon individual manufacturers, but generally range from 68 by 130cm (27 by 52 inches) to 75 by 145cm (30 by 58 inches). Bath sheets are commonly 88 by 150cm (35 by 60 inches).

Advantages to Each Size

Bath towels hang easily on standard bathroom towel racks, which are usually 60cm (24 inches) long. They are also more manageable for children than bath sheets.

Bath sheets provide more surface area for bigger bodies and extra absorbency. Old bath sheets also make excellent beach towels, as design-printed beach towels are the same size but prove less absorbent due to printing processes.

Disadvantages to Each Size

Larger individuals may find standard bath towels too small, as may those who prefer to use towels as waist and sarong-style wraps after bathing to complete grooming practices, like shaving or applying make-up.

Due to their larger size, bath sheets do not fit as easily onto standard towel racks and do not customarily come in economic towel sets, as do standard bath towels.

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