What Is the Meaning of a Lavender Rose?

Updated April 17, 2017

Remember the short love poem that starts "Roses are red, violets are blue"? Roses actually come in many colours, which have different meanings. For example, red symbolises love and has been used for years in romantic bouquets. Try sending or bringing lavender roses to your sweetheart and explain the special meaning behind this colour.


Lavender roses symbolise love, but in a slightly different way than red roses. Lavender signifies love at first sight, like in "Sleeping Beauty." Imagine meeting someone and feeling captivated and enchanted.


Royal blue suggests royalty, and so does this unique colour of rose. Lavender is one of those pastel colours that shows class. It works well for decorating weddings, proms or other formal occasions.


Priests wear lavender during Lent, and this reserved shade can show respect or even mystery. It's often used with purple or blue in religious ceremonies.

Close Colors

Lavender roses are close in colour to blue roses, which do not naturally occur. For this reason, blue roses represent unattainable things. Lavender, however, carries the mystery of the blue rose but shows enchanting and real love.

Purple indicates majesty, so it's a good colour to give mothers or mothers-in-law.

Rose Garden

Add lavender to your rose garden for a majestic touch, along with filling out the colour spectrum because it complements peach, pink, purple and white. Lavender is a great colour for a formal rose garden as it signifies royalty, especially if grown with white roses.

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