What Is the Permanent Press Dryer Setting?

Updated April 17, 2017

Often, consumers just turn on a clothes dryer and wait for their clothes to dry, paying little attention to the settings on the dial. But many manufacturers of automatic clothes dryers offer different settings appropriate for different types of clothes. Permanent press is one of these settings.

Permanent Press Fabrics

Permanent press clothing has been designed to be less susceptible to wrinkling. Many trousers and other work clothes are permanent press.

Dryer Setting Properties

According to Martha Stewart, permanent press dryer cycles have a longer cooling period at the end of the drying time to decrease the amount of wrinkles in clothes.


To maximise the benefits of the permanent press setting, don't overfill the dryer. Clothes should have room to move to prevent wrinkling.

Cycle End

Removing clothes from the dryer promptly when the drying cycle ends also helps reduce the chances of creasing and wrinkling.


The permanent press washer machine cycle is designed for permanent press fabrics, but Martha Stewart recommends using it for most average loads of laundry.

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