Procurement assistant job description

Written by lisa hall | 13/05/2017
Procurement assistant job description
The procurement department oversees the quality of acquired resources and identifies potential cost savings. (The book-keeper in a warehouse of polygraphic production image by terex from

A procurement assistant is responsible for the volume purchasing of supplies, materials and equipment. The assistant may work in a variety of employment settings, such as a large corporation, non-profit organisation or government office. He typically is a member of a team and reports to a procurement manager or director.


Procurement is the process of acquiring a service or product. While purchasing refers to the act of buying a product, procurement is the entire process, which includes identifying need, determining the best source from whom to buy the product, deciding how much of each product to buy, negotiating contracts, and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations.


Job responsibilities for a procurement assistant include maintaining contracts with vendors; reviewing inventory; initiating and keeping track of orders; receiving, inspecting and distributing orders; filling out damage claims and return orders; keeping daily records; and working with accounts payable to pay vendors.


A high school diploma or GED is typically required for this position. Employers may also seek candidates with one to two years of experience that includes purchasing, bookkeeping and recordkeeping.


In addition to education and previous experience, employers may seek certain personal attributes, including the candidate's ability to maintain relationships with vendors, the ability to work as a team player, and strong administrative and clerical skills.


According to, as of May 2010, the average salary of a procurement assistant was £25,350. This may vary greatly by employment setting, location and years of experience.

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