The average cost of tile flooring

Updated February 21, 2017

When renovating your home, you'll likely want to use tile in at least a few rooms. Tile is easy to clean and perfect for rooms that need to be waterproof, like bathrooms. This flooring option ranges from inexpensive to quite pricey, depending on the type of tile you choose.


Stone tiles are typically most expensive, costing £4 to £13 per square foot for the material itself, based on what kind of stone you choose, as of 2010. Options include marble, granite and travertine. Stone is also expensive to install; expect to pay £3 to £5 per square foot for a contractor to lay the floor.


Ceramic tiles are just as expensive to install, but the material is a bit less expensive than stone. It's usually £3 to £9 per square foot, plus £3 to £5 for installation. You'll pay more for installation if you choose an unusual pattern and multiple colours and sizes.


The cheapest choice for floor tile is vinyl. Vinyl tiles come in sheet form or individual tiles, and typically don't require grout, which lowers the overall cost. You can get vinyl tiles for 60p to £2 per square foot, and will pay just 60p to £1.30 for installation.


This is a nontraditional tile consisting of squares of carpet. The cost of carpet tiles depends on the type of carpet you purchase and whether it is a flat colour or a design. For moderately priced carpet tiles, you'll spend £3 per square foot and another 60p per square foot or more if you hire someone to do the installation.

Cutting Costs

You can cut costs when installing tile flooring by doing the work yourself, but even if you hire someone to install the tile, there are ways to save money. Buy a tile like vinyl that doesn't require further maintenance after installation. The less you have to cut large tiles to fit along walls and corners, the less you'll pay for installation, the fewer tiles that will break in the process.

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