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Updated July 19, 2017

The telephone sure has changed from its original invention, evolving to the cellphones we are familiar with today. When technology for the telephone was discovered, it was an amazing concept that no one had considered. Inventors pave the way for future discoveries and inventions that change the world around us. The telephone was just another interesting idea that was created by someone who had a vision.


According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Alexander Graham Bell is considered the inventor of the telephone. In 1876, he experimented with the telegraph, which was a form of communication that used a wire to transmit messages through a series of clicks, or Morse Code, over a distance. Bell was convinced that the human voice could be transmitted over the wire.


The Library of Congress notes that other people experimented with the concept of the telephone, including an Italian immigrant named Antonio Meucci along with Elisha Gray, who was a professor at Oberlin College. In June 2002, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution acknowledging Meucci’s contributions to the development of the telephone. It just so happens that both Bell and Gray applied for patents on the creation of the telephone on the same day. Bell was first in line, and so he was credited with the invention of the telephone.


Bell developed the telephone through several experiments that used electricity to send a voice message with a single telegraph wire. Bell had the help of his assistant, Thomas A. Watson, who followed through with many of Bell’s ideas. On June 2, 1875, their labours were successful when one of them plucked a reed in one room and the other heard the sound come over the wire in another room.

Time Frame

According to the FCC, by 1877, the telephone had become a business. Private telephone lines were installed in businesses and homes of wealthy people. The Bell Telephone Co. was created. It eventually became known as AT&T, which still exists today. Bell Telephone was the first organisation to offer stock options for the telephone.


Today, telephones are so small they can fit in our pockets and don’t require wires to work. The mobile phone, or cellphone, has evolved from the original telephone invented by Bell. In 1973, Dr. Martin Cooper, the former general manager of Motorola, created the first portable phone handset. According to the FCC, Cooper was the first person to make a phone call on a cellphone. In 1977, cellphones went public and have evolved greatly over the years.

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