Age & Ideal Body Weight

Written by peter timm
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Age & Ideal Body Weight
Find your ideal body weight. (fitness portraits image by joe klune from

Determining your optimum body weight is commonly done by using the body mass index (BMI). The BMI is based on total body weight while taking into consideration the individual's body type (or frame). The BMI can be subjective; for instance, in the case of bodybuilders (who may have a disproportionate weight to fat ratio). However, in most cases, it's a fairly accurate method for determining ideal body weight.

Determining Base Body Weight for Women

Women can determine their desired base weight using this simple formula. Starring at a baseline of 45.4kg. and 5 feet, add 2.27kg. for each additional inch. For instance, a woman who stands 5-feet-6-inches-tall would have a desired weight of 59kg. (100 + (6 x 5) = 130). This formula, however, does not take into account the size of a woman's frame.

Determining Base Body Weight for Men

For men the formula is a little different. Starting at a baseline of 48.1kg. and 5 feet, add 2.72kg. for every additional inch. For example, a man with a height of 5-feet-11-inches-tall has a desired base body weight of 172 (106 + (11 x 6) = 172). Just like women, this weight does not take a man's frame into consideration.

Determining Frame Size for Women

With a tape measure, record the circumference of your wrist. If your height is less than 5-feet-2-inches and your wrist measures less than 5.5 inches you have a small frame; if the wrist is 5.75 inches, you have a medium frame; bigger than 5.75 inches, large. If your height is more than 5-feet-2-inches but less than 5-feet-5-inches and your wrist measures less than 6 inches, you're small-framed; from 6 inches to 6.25 inches medium-framed; more than 6.25 inches large-framed. And if you stand taller than 5-feet-5-inches with a wrist size under 6.25 inches, you're small-framed; from 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches medium-framed; more than 6.5 inches large-framed.

Determining Frame Size for Men

For men the formula is less complicated and is only implemented for men taller than 5-feet-5-inches. Just like the women, measure the circumference of your wrist. If under 6.5 inches you are small-framed; between 6.5 inches and 7.5 inches medium-framed; more than 7.5 inches large-framed.

The Final Calculation

Now that you have calculated your base weight and your body frame size, you can determine your ideal body weight. For men and women, the calculation is the same: If you have a small frame deduct 10 per cent from your base weight; for a large frame, increase the weight by 10 per cent; and for a medium frame, your base weight is your ideal weight.

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