Retail cashier job description

Updated April 17, 2017

Retail cashiers work in a variety of stores, including grocery, drug, mass merchandiser, clothing and even speciality stores like candy shops. The position of cashier is often an entry level position. People can either work as a retail cashier on a part-time or full-time basis. The retail cashier's job description can include a variety of duties, contingent upon a store's size and business volume.


Retail cashiers are often the only contact a customer has with a store. Part of a retail cashier's job description includes being friendly toward customers and servicing them in a timely manner. Additionally, a retail cashier's job description requires that these employees are accurate with all transactions or providing customer's with appropriate change.


A retail cashier's job description primarily entails ringing up customers' orders, occasionally asking stock clerks for price checks and bagging up the merchandise, if a bagging person is not present. If the cashier sells alcohol, they will normally be required to check a younger person's identification before allowing the customer to make a purchase, In grocery stores, cashiers often have to weigh and price items such as fruits and vegetables. A retail cashier's job description also requires them to process credit cards, handle food stamp payments and discount coupons in their register when customers use them.


During slower periods, a retail cashier's job description may include going to the stockroom for inventory and restocking shelves; or taking expired or damaged merchandise off the store's shelves. Retail cashiers may also assist customers in finding specific merchandise or answers a customer's questions or concerns. Occasionally, the retail cashier may keep an eye on store aisles and watch for potential shoplifters.


Sometimes, a retail cashier's job description will entail running errands for the manager to acquire out-of-stock items from another store, distributing paychecks, mopping up floors, wiping down counters or getting cash and change ready for bank deposits, according to

Salary and Job Outlook

Most retail cashier's make an average of £4.80 to £6.30 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unfortunately, the job growth for retail cashiers is expected to grow by four per cent a year until 2018, which is slightly lower than the growth of other occupations. One reason for the slower growth may be the continual automation of checkouts for the customer's convenience.

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