English Bulldog vs. Mini Bulldog

Updated April 17, 2017

The English bulldog is a popular pet, originally bred in England as a fighting dog. They are considered to be loving, loyal pets but, as with all animals, they also have their problems. There are two conflicting opinions on the correct classification of the mini bulldog.

Theories and Speculation

One belief is that the mini bulldog, also known as the miniature English bulldog, is a purebred and simply a smaller version of the English bulldog. Others believe that the mini bulldog is a mixed breed whose first generation included a small percentage of pug or French bulldog. Whichever the case, the general consensus is that the mini bulldog was bred to reduce the size and improve the health of the English bulldog.


The body of an English bulldog is stocky and well-balanced, with a flat coat and muscular arms and legs. It has a large head compared to its body, and a short face with a wide muzzle. The body of a mini bulldog has the same features but it is smaller in size, generally standing less than 14 inches tall. If traces of pug are detectable in a mini bulldog, its face will be less flat and its nose more prominent.


The English bulldog is a loving, faithful, protective companion for owners of all ages. They are known as generally happy dogs that love affection and attention. Mini bulldogs possess the same characteristics and are equally loving and sociable. Both the English and mini bulldog can be stubborn and strong-willed, a trait which has remained in the breed since its fighting days, but the dogs are generally not vicious.


Because the English bulldog has such a flat face, it can suffer from breathing problems, snorting, wheezing and even pneumonia. The breed also is affected by changes in temperature and can overheat. The mini bulldog, with its more protruded muzzle, is less likely to suffer from these health problems. All breeds of dog, however, have health issues and individual dogs may develop problems not typical of their breed.


Choose an established, reputable breeder for the best chance of finding an English bulldog or a mini bulldog in good health and with an appealing temperament. A reputable breeder will answer any questions you have about their mini bulldog, including whether it is a mixed breed.

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