Men's Funeral Etiquette Dress Attire

Updated March 29, 2017

Dressing for a funeral is unlike dressing for any other occasion. At a funeral, you are dressing out of respect for the deceased and the family of the deceased. You should dress in a manner that shows respect for those who are suffering. Your attire is a representation of your grief and the grief of those who have suffered the loss.


The significance of dark funeral attire is to show your grief for the one who was lost. Tradition requires that those who are grieving wear dark or black clothing to represent their grief. Bright colours worn to a funeral are a sign of disrespect to the deceased and the family.


Men's funeral attire generally consists of a black or other dark suit and tie. The suit, vest and jacket should all be matching and the tie should be a neutral or dark colour. If you do not own a suit, you can wear dark dress trousers, a dress shirt and a dark jacket.


Depending on the time of year and whether the funeral service is outside, you might need to adjust your attire for the funeral. If the weather is hot, it is appropriate to wear a short-sleeved dress shirt under your suit. If the weather is cold, is appropriate to wear a dark dress coat over the suit.


Some families like to gather at a person's home after the funeral. If you will be attending a gathering such as this, you can remove your jacket when you enter the home.

Other Considerations

Shower and shave before the funeral, so you appear fresh and clean. Polish your dress shoes, and wear dark dress socks.

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