Parachutes & Resistance Bands for Speed Training

Written by raphael garcia
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To perform at their highest level athletes need to be in the best shape possible. Many spend numerous hours developing their strength and speed with carefully planned workouts. Some use items such as treadmills or free weights to develop their body for their sport. Resistance bands and parachutes can be used to increase your speed. Both of these items bring various benefits to your training regimen.

Training for Speed

Speed training is an important aspect of an athlete's workout plan. Being able to move quicker than your opponent can give you an advantage no matter what type of sport you're playing. Training with resistance bands and parachutes can add to your routine. Both items can build the strength of your legs and core. Use both of these workout supplies along with more traditional methods such as sprinting drills.

Parachutes as Training Tools

Running parachutes can be used by athletes to help build their strength and speed. A running parachute is made of light fabric that is attached to the runner. When he begins the exercises the fabric billows and creates a drag resistance. The larger the parachute the more resistance the runner will feel, creating a tougher workout. Also the faster an athlete moves while attached to the parachute the more resistance he will receive. These items can help runners. Use these items with interval training, meaning short bursts of running that can be accomplished in shorter distances.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are made from an elastic material that stretches against your movements to create resistance. As with training parachutes, resistance bands can be used to increase your muscle strength and speed. Resistance bands can train your muscles to stretch and contract just like the band. This training improves the speed in which your fast-twitch muscle fibres respond to the action. This type of training can also help improve your agility.

Other Uses

Resistance bands can also be used in place of other items to support your workout plan. For example if you enjoy using dumbbells to do standing curls, you can replace the free weights with resistance bands for this exercise. Using bands of varying tightness levels can give you the same resistance feel of a barbell. Bands can also help you with improving your flexibility. The bands can be used as support when trying to stretch further distances. This is especially useful to those who are just beginning flexibility training.

Example Workouts

Build your workout around sprinting exercises. For example, begin with 10-, 20- and 30-yard sprints, resting for two minutes in between. Shorten your rest to increase intensity. Complete the same sprints using the parachutes. For additional training intensity, do these same sprints uphill.

Resistance bands can be used with exercises such as calf raises and the bicycle ab exercise. You can also use the bands to help with your static stretching before you get into your sprinting exercises.

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