How Do Mist Foggers Work?

Updated April 17, 2017

An ultrasonic mist fogger is a small device that can be placed in a terrarium to increase humidity. The device generates a fog three to five microns in diameter, which moves through the terrarium as a cloud. Ultrasonic foggers are inexpensive, easy to use and do not require the set-up that a spray system uses.

What is an Ultrasonic Fogger?

An ultrasonic fogger is a small device that is placed in a water source in a terrarium. Ultrasonic waves vaporise the water and it is ejected into the air as a fog, three to five microns in diameter. The fog is very similar in composition to a cloud, which serves to raise the humidity in the terrarium. This is beneficial for humidity-loving reptiles, amphibians and plants.

How Does the Ultrasonic Fogger Work?

There are two main parts of an ultrasonic fogger. The first is a sensing probe that will detect the fogger is in water and that the water level is sufficient for the fogger to work. The second key component is the transducer plate. This plate emits ultrasonic waves that break up the water into three to five micron particles. The particles form a cloud over the surface of the water, dissipating through the terrarium.

Why Use a Fogger?

Most amphibians and many reptiles stay healthier in a humid environment. A typical water-fed misting system sprays water in 60 to 100 micron droplets. The fogger produces moisture in a three to five micron fog, which is similar to the fog found in tropical rainforests. This significantly reduces bacterial and fungal problems typically found in humid environments.

Advantages of a Fogger

There are a number of advantages to using an ultrasonic fogger in a terrarium. With a traditional misting system, a water source, tubing and mist nozzles are required to spray the terrarium. This requires a significant amount of set-up time, and more water is pumped into the terrarium than would be desired. Mist nozzles clog frequently and water lines break, resulting in cleanup and maintenance. The ultrasonic fogger uses water that already is located in the terrarium, so no outside source of water is needed.

Other Uses of an Ultrasonic Fogger

The foggers are used to create a rainforest environment in a terrarium. They also are used in the horticulture industry to start and promote growth of plants in a hydroponic garden. When chemicals are added to the water source, ultrasonic foggers are used for insect control and feeding plants.

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