Difference Between Cider Vinegar Tablets & Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets

Updated March 23, 2017

Apple cider vinegar is made from distilled apple cider vinegar. Cider vinegar is the same thing as apple cider vinegar, it is just a way of shortening the name. Its acidic taste makes it a common ingredient in salad dressings and chutneys, and is commonly used as a preservative. Apple cider vinegar is also turned into tablets which can be used as a convenient dietary supplement.

Cider Versus Apple Cider

The difference between cider and apple cider vinegar is mostly in name only. Generally, apple cider vinegar tablets contain only apple cider vinegar, while cider tablets contain other weight loss or dietary supplement ingredients, such as honey or garlic, labelled on the bottle. The vinegar ingredient contained in both tablets is apple cider, even if the cider tablet does not specify it is produced from apples. When purchasing a vinegar supplement, the biggest difference between these supplements is not whether it is called apple cider or simply cider, but how many milligrams each tablet contains.


Both apple cider vinegar and cider vinegar tablets are used to promote weight loss. These vinegar tablets have an active ingredient of acetic acid, which can discourage body fat accumulation. Small studies also suggest that the pectin contained in apples, apple cider vinegar and cider vinegar supplements helps people feel full, encouraging them to eat less. As with most other weight loss supplements, apple cider and cider vinegar tablets do not promote weight loss on their own. Combining these tablets with a healthy diet and exercise is the most effective way to lose weight.


Apple cider and cider vinegar tablets come with various dosage recommendations. Follow the dosing recommendations established on the packaging for the best results and to prevent taking too much of the supplement. Consult your doctor to determine how many milligrams of these supplements you should take daily to get the results you want. Because apple cider and cider vinegar tablets are highly acidic, most manufacturers suggest you take them with a large glass of water or juice to prevent indigestion.


Apple cider and cider vinegar tablets contain a pre-measured, recommended daily intake of the vinegar supplement, which can prevent common side effects and medical problems associated with taking too much apple cider vinegar. However, taking these tablets for an extended period of time, or in larger doses than recommended, can cause medical conditions including reduced bone density and lower potassium levels. A reduced bone density can lead to osteoperosis, while lower potassium levels can cause weakness, constipation and kidney problems. Consult your doctor before taking any nutritional supplement, especially if you are currently taking medication or have a pre-existing condition.

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