How to build a spaceship for kids

Space adventures are a popular imaginative game for children. It's simple enough to make tube spaceships that you and your child can make up a whole fleet in an afternoon. They're sturdy enough for hours of play as your child flies them into space and back to Earth. Start saving paper towel tubes and prepare for your home to become a space station.

Wrap a paper towel tube in construction paper and tape in place. Try covering the top third in a different colour to differentiate the nose of the spaceship. Crumble a piece of black paper and insert it in the top of the tube, forming it to make the tip of the ship's nose.

Cut two triangles of cardstock or thin cardboard, each 13 cm long and 10 cm tall. Cut a slit from the top point of one triangle halfway to the base. Cut a slit from the centre of the base of the second triangle halfway to the point. Insert the slit of one triangle into the slit of the other, making a pyramid.

Cut four slits evenly spaced around the bottom of the tube from the base up to about 65 mm from the end.

Slide the ship over the pyramid, slipping the sides of the pyramid through the slots cut in the sides of the ship.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towel tube
  • Construction paper
  • Tape
  • Black paper
  • Cardstock or thin cardboard
  • Scissors
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