Azalea house plant care

Updated July 19, 2017

Greenhouse-grown azaleas are lovely when purchased in full bloom. With proper care and attention, the blossoms last for weeks, but florist's azaleas rarely rebloom.

Gift plants

Commercial greenhouses prepare azaleas for sale as a holiday gift plant. These plants are grown under optimal conditions to produce a plant full of blooms for the holiday season. When brought into the conditions in the average home, they don't last long. Consider them temporary and enjoy them while they last. When they begin to wither, there is little you can do to revive them.


Azaleas need bright light. Place them in a sunny, south-facing window. Keep the soil consistently moist using water that does not contain salts from a water softener. Use an azalea fertiliser in spring and summer. Azaleas need high humidity to thrive. Place azaleas in a room with temperatures between 1.67 and 10 degrees Celsius (35 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit) for a rest over winter and return them to their south window when you want them to bloom.


Repot an azalea when it becomes root-bound. Use a commercial media for acid-loving plants or make your own using 50 per cent peat moss or other organic material. Leave enough space at the top of the pot to allow for watering and water thoroughly after repotting.

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