Baby Cot Safety

Many parents choose to have their babies sleep in a cot or crib. A cot with a firm mattress and bars that are the correct distance apart can be a safe place for your baby to sleep. To make sure that your baby's sleep is as safe as possible, you should be aware of all the safety guidelines for baby cots.


Cots that meet all safety guidelines are one of the safest places for a baby to sleep. Used cots and older models may lack some safety features, or they may have been recalled due to safety issues. Always check that your baby's cot meets all safety standards.


The size of a baby cot mattress can vary, but it is important that it fits snugly against all four sides of the cot. The distance between the bars should be more than 2.5cm and less than 5cm.


The sides of the cot should be high enough to prevent your baby from falling or climbing out. When he is able to stand up and the sides of the cot come up to his chest, he is too big for the cot and should move to a bed. Any paint on the cot should be lead-free. The cot should not have any decorative cutouts where a small hand or foot could be trapped.


Choose the location of your cot with safety in mind. Place it far away from dangling curtains or cords, and make sure there is no furniture nearby that your baby could use to climb out. Do not keep any toiletries or supplies on shelves near the cot where your baby could reach them. Remove any dangling mobiles or toys once your baby is able to sit up.


You should not use any pillows, soft bedding or bumpers in your baby's cot. Avoiding these will reduce the danger of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Always put your baby to sleep on her back, with her feet near the bottom of the cot.

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