How is technology used in business?

Written by crystal robinson
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How is technology used in business?
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Technology plays a vital role in the business world . It provides the tools and functions on which almost all companies throughout the world run. With the advent of new communication technologies, the common use of computers and the boom of the Internet, practically all business activities use some form of technology. It can be said that without technology, many businesses would no longer be able to function.


Before the development of modern technology, there was the trade and barter system. Advances led to a skeleton of what we know as business today. People handled every aspect of running a business, even the responsibility of making machines work manually. However, the computer revolution sped up the pace of trade and commerce. The technological advances it created drastically reduced the cost of business operations and increased the efficiencies throughout an organisation.


Technology and business are practically inseparable today. Without technology and computers, the routine business functions that are the backbone of an organisation would be severely slowed. It would take an extensive amount of time and a lot of specialisation for those basic functions to be performed without technology. The use of technology in business has increased the workload that a business can handle effectively. It has allowed business to be able to operate around the clock and around the world.


Business has become so entrenched with technology because of the benefits that technology provides. It decreases the time it takes to perform a task and increases the volume of information that can be processed. Technology also has the ability to take on multiple tasks at once. There is a minimal chance of error when technology is used. The low acquisition costs along with the efficiency and precision of technology make the benefits of using it in business undoubted.


The use of technology in business has created opportunities for more technological advances. Many business functions are able to operate autonomously with the use of technology. This has led to the need for software development companies and business consultants domestically. It has also created an environment receptive to outsourcing to other countries. With technology running certain business functions constantly, with international employees businesses are able to have customer support at all times as well.


While there are innumerable benefits of using technology in business, there are some downsides. According to the United Nations University, acclamation to technology has led to increased dependency. In addition, according to the Small Business Bible, the advent of technology has led to a decline in the skill level of the end users. The U.S. Small Business Association's Office of Advocacy has predicted that this atrophy of skill level may cause an eventual reduction of incomes.

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