Side Effects of Maxoderm

Updated April 17, 2017

Maxoderm is a popular penis enlargement and male enhancement cream that is topically applied to produce an erection. Even as more potent medications are marketed in pill form, Maxoderm continues to be a popular solution for many men.

How It Works

Unlike other penis enlargement and male enhancement medications, Maxoderm is not ingested but instead is applied directly to the penis as a cream shortly before sexual intimacy. The alkaloid yohimbine which is extracted from the bark of the African evergreen tree yohimbe is the active ingredient in Maxoderm. When the cream is absorbed, it opens the cells in the corpus cavernosa tissue and becomes engorged with blood causing an erection.

Direct Health Issues

Some patients with sensitive skin have reported an irritation after having applied Maxoderm cream. Dizziness, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, increased blood pressure and a rapid heart rate have also been reported. Increased doses have caused loss of muscle function, chills and vertigo as well as hallucinations. In one documented case a patient experienced hypertension, palpitations and anxiety.

Associated Health Issues

Some medical experts believe that patients with post-traumatic stress disorder or panic disorder should avoid any medications with yohimbe for fear of exacerbating their conditions.


Studies have also shown that using Maxoderm while eating foods high in tyramine, such as cheese, red wine and liver, could cause dangerously high blood pressure with its related health risks.

Consumer Concerns

Although Maxoderm is the original, patented erectile dysfunction product, it has yet to be formally studied by the Food and Drug Administration. Consequently there is limited, verifiable safety information available about it. Nevertheless, physicians prescribe Maxoderm to their patients because it generally does not cause the documented side effects of its competing products.

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