Toshiba Laptop Touchpad Problems

Updated July 19, 2017

Toshiba laptops include a touchpad that moves the cursor around without needing a separate mouse. While this is space-efficient, Toshiba released a bullet in 2009 due to concerns about how the touchpad works for many Toshiba owners. The issues may easily resolve by modifying settings. However, you may also need to update your drivers to ensure you can type, tap and otherwise use the touchpad and have it respond correctly.

Sensitivity and Features

One of the most common complaints about Toshiba laptops is that the touchpad is too sensitive. Ranking after sensitivity are complaints that the “tap click” and “pinch zoom” features are more of a nuisance than a help. If you are experiencing these problems, all of these things can be adjusted by going to "Control Panel," "Mouse Properties," "Advanced," "Device Settings" or "Advanced" and "Touchpad," "Tapping" or "Hardware." Turn off the settings to enable tapping, if that's your main issue. Make the touchpad less sensitive by moving it toward the minus ("-") symbol.

Inadvertent Tapping

Smaller Toshiba laptops offer limited space. As a result, a light touch on the touchpad while you're typing may move your cursor inadvertently. To combat this frustration, turn off tapping while typing. In the control Panel, select "Mouse Properties," "Advanced," "Device Settings" or "Advanced" and "Touchpad," "Tapping" or "Hardware." Click the "Tapping Settings" button, and then check the box that offers the option to disable tapping when you're using the keyboard.


If your touchpad suddenly stops responding entirely, or if you would like to disable your touchpad for some reason, you do not necessarily need to uninstall or reinstall any drivers. Toshiba laptops come with a function key shortcut that enables and disables the touchpad. Simply hold down "Fn-F9," and see if this fixes the problem you are experiencing.

Enabled Touchpad Not Working

If your touchpad has stopped working and using the function key has not solved the problem, reinstall the touchpad drivers. Make sure you have an extra mouse on hand to use when you uninstall the drivers. Uninstall the touchpad drivers in "Control Panel," "Programs," and then "Programs and Features." Choose the touchpad driver for your Toshiba laptop, and then click "Uninstall." After the uninstall completes, restart your computer. If you do not have the driver DVD that came with your computer, visit Toshiba’s support website to download the new drivers (full link in Resources).

Downloading Drivers

To download the latest drivers, visit Toshiba’s support website (full link in Resources). Select “Download,” and select your product category, its family and model from the drop-down menus. Click “Go” to view a list of available drivers. From the box labelled "All Categories," select "TouchPad" and select the driver for your Toshiba model. Once the download is complete, install the new drivers and reboot your machine.

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