TomTom GO 510 Problems

Updated March 23, 2017

The TomTom Go 510 is a GPS device designed for easy navigation and for receiving updated traffic information in your car. The device has a bright, 4-inch colour display and is designed to mount on a windshield with a bracket mount and a wide suction cup. A home dock allows for recharging and regular online updates. Although the unit promises convenience and ease of use for drivers, users have come across several problems in design and operation of the unit.

No Maps Found

Maps are pre-installed when you buy your unit, but you may be offered regular updates through the company's website. When you update the unit online and return it to your car, you may get a "no maps found" message. Re-install the updated application completely from the TomTom home page, and your unit should have a new set of maps.

Window Mount Problems

The unit may stop recharging with movement, as a faulty bracket design sometimes disconnects the power leads or makes them perform erratically. But when used in your car, the window mount is the only way to get power to the unit. If the TomTom 510's battery power runs down, the best solution is to remove the unit completely from the windshield in order to restore battery power in your home recharger. You may also ask for a replacement mount from the company.

Updating Outside the US

When trying to update the unit's maps outside of the United States, your credit card transaction may be declined. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this problem, as the transaction software used by the company will not accept credit cards used outside of the United States.

Start-Up Freeze

On start-up, the unit may crash completely, due to a faulty or full memory. Re-booting the unit may not solve the problem. Contact the company for a replacement card.

Faulty or Slow Satellite Communication

Another problem with the TomTom Go 510 is slow connection with the GPS satellite that feeds the unit. The connection may drop completely, seemingly at random, leaving your screen blank in the middle of the journey. The unit offers written directions to your destination from memory, however, don't use the directions while driving, as the print is small and you'll have to take your eyes off the road.

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