Cost to Install Hardwood Floors

The overall cost to install a hardwood floor can reach up to several thousand dollars. Many materials are used in the creation of hardwood floors, giving consumers a wide variety of choices. Consumers should research the credibility of the company they are considering to use to supply and install their hardwood floor before making any commitments.


Several types of wood are used as material for hardwood floors. The type of wood to be used in a hardwood floor installation will undoubtedly have an effect on the overall cost of the installation. Some common types of wood used are pine, maple, hickory, American cherry, oak, bamboo, Brazilian cherry and Australian cypress. It should be noted that bamboo is technically a grass but can used to make a "hardwood" floor.

Material Costs

The cost of installing solid-strip hardwood flooring can average around £5 per square foot. Installing wide pine planks can cost an average of £7 per square foot installed. Factory-finished wood usually starts at around £5 per square foot installed and can be as expensive as £9 per square foot. Bamboo flooring can cost between £2 and £3 per square foot not including installation. Exotic woods, like Brazilian cherry and Australian cypress, can cost between £2 and £8 not including installation. Four-inch wide American cherry is a traditionally inexpensive choice at around £3 per square foot.

Additional Costs

If the company that will be installing the hardwood floor has to rip out the old floor or move furniture, the consumer may be charged. Adding custom borders and patterns can add around 60p or £1.30 extra per square foot to the overall cost of the project. Staining, installing shoe mouldings and installing hardwood on stairs all involve additional costs that can rapidly increase the overall cost of installing hardwood floors.


Installation is one of the biggest factors in determining the overall cost of hardwood floors. The consumer should check with the Better Business Bureau and shop around before committing to any hardwood floor installation company. Some handymen may choose to install a hardwood floor themselves to cut down on costs.


New wood flooring should be stored in the room it will be installed in a week before installation to give the wood a chance to adjust to the room's humidity levels. An extra 5 per cent to 15 per cent of the new flooring should be purchased to act as a waste allowance.

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