How to Cook With a Ceramic Hob

Updated April 17, 2017

A ceramic hob is a flat, smooth plate that can provide you with sleek cooking elements that are built into your counter top.The rings glow when hot, warning you of their danger. Once they are cool, cleaning is much easier than a common gas range top. The ceramic hob is flat plate that appears as though it is made of glass and has electric heating coils mounted below. The hob has no nooks for food to drop into, but it does not cool down as quickly as a traditional cooktop.

Put a pan or pot on the hob. Press "On." Press "0." Touch the sensor that corresponds to your element which you will find in your hob manual, or you can touch one and see which lights up. The hob has electronic sensors that react to your touch.

Press the number that corresponds with the temperature you want. The numbers vary on each hob, but the highest number corresponds to the highest temperature. Put food or liquid in the pan or pot and let it cook.

Turn the hob off by pressing the "0" or by pressing the power button.

Clean the hob with a wet cloth after it has cooled.


Remove any protective wrapping before using a new hob. Don't put anything on the sensors because the hob might react as if you are touching it and cause an undesired reaction.

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