Government Grants for Disabled Persons

Updated March 23, 2017

Government grants are allotted each year to be awarded to disabled individuals. This money is provided free and never has to be paid back. Although many never take the opportunity seriously, these grants are awarded but you have to apply for them. There is not an abundance of information regarding these opportunities; however, they are legit and you must be willing to look for them.

What Are Grants?

Grants are free money allotted by the government to help individuals achieve their dreams. This money comes from taxpayers and is set aside to be given back to those that need financial help. The budget for grants is set by the federal government, which decides who qualifies and who doesn’t.


Grants are given for different reasons and include different qualifications. Because disability income is granted by the government, it is likely that disabled individuals qualify for some grants; however, each grant qualifications will vary. To determine if you qualify, it is best to fill out an application and submit it for the government to review. While you may not qualify for one grant, you may qualify for another. So, it will be best to fill out numerous applications for different grants to get the money you need.

How to Find Grants

Grant opportunities are missed often because people are not aware of how to find them. A common method of obtaining grant information is the internet because numerous websites are dedicated in aiding individuals in finding grant opportunities, such as The internet also offers books that can be bought that explain grants, as well as how to apply for them. These books can be purchased online or at a bookstore. Nevertheless, local organisations may have information or applications regarding grant opportunities.

Grant Purposes

Grants are given for different purposes, personal or business. Grants can be used for school expenses, living expenses, home loans, or business loans. When grants are given to those that qualify, they are usually allotted to schools or lenders if appropriate.

Why People Do Not Apply?

People do not apply for grants because they are unaware of the opportunities or do not think they will qualify. However, they should still apply for grant opportunities they are interested in. Whether the applicant qualifies for the grant or not, let the government make the decision.

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