How much does double glazing save?

Updated February 21, 2017

Double glazing is a double pane window with space in between. The air in between the panes becomes insulation. Double-glazed windows are a great investment for many reasons, including cost savings, UV protection, emissions reduction as well as appeal and resale value of a home. Double-glazed windows are easy to install and the savings and investment are well worth the price.

Savings and options

According to Trade Window Services Limited, up to 20 per cent of heat is lost through windows, and double glazing can save you money. If your windows are already strong and sound, you may gain all the benefits of double-glazed windows by simply having a secondary glazing installed, instead of replacing all of your windows. Secondary glazing involves placing a second window next to your original window, on the inside of your house. This option will not affect your windows, and they will look just like your original windows, but they will be insulated and sealed tighter.

Investment benefits

In addition, double glazing increases your property resale value. This investment is easily recaptured upon the sale of your home, because of the energy savings and appeal of double-glazed windows. Reducing the heat that escapes your home in the winter is an incredible benefit, and it can save up to 12 per cent on your heating bills. This is done by the extra air insulation and airtight seal double-glazed windows have. Not only do double-glazed windows reduce winter heating costs, they also keep your property cooler in the summer, because they reduce the heat that comes in through the windows.

Property benefits

Double-glazed windows provide your property with a great appearance. Manufacturers provide many styles and designs for double-glazed windows allowing you to enhance your house and make it more appealing for you. In addition, double glazing makes your windows air tight, eliminating the condensation that can occur on your windows when the cool outside air meets the warm inside air. The elimination of condensation will protect your window treatments and window frames.

Other benefits

In addition to energy savings, double glazing provides additional security for your home. Double glazing makes windows difficult to break and they provide a secure lock, so it is much more difficult for someone to gain access to your home. According to The Energy Savings Centre, double glazing can reduce noise by up to 80 per cent. It also equalises the temperature in your home by reducing the cool spots near windows and doors.

Emissions and UV

Double-glazed windows reduce UV penetration into your home by up to 91 per cent, according to The Energy Savings Centre. This decrease in UV radiation helps to increase the life of your window treatments and furniture by reducing the fading and other damage that can occur with UV penetration. Green solutions are a big concern today, and double glazing can significantly reduce the carbon emissions of homes by a half of a ton each year for every household, according to Trade Window Service Limited. Double glazing will reduce the carbon emissions from each home, because of the energy savings from the insulation they provide that prevents the heat escaping through the windows.

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