What Are Cutaway Collars?

Written by cameron delaney | 13/05/2017

The cutaway collar, also known as the spread collar, is a fashionable option for men's shirts. Cutaway collars add a dressier touch to a suit, but this type of collar can be worn with or without a tie. If you opt for a tie, the bigger the knot the better.


The Duke of Kent (1902-1942) first made the cutaway collar popular. The collar has been the "collar of choice in Britain and Italy" for years, according to the Wall Street Journal. Phillips-Van Heusen, the world's largest shirt maker, says the cutaway is the world's fastest-growing collar style as of 2009.


Unlike a regular button-down dress shirt collar, the two points of a cutaway collar are spread apart, angling back toward the neck rather than down. The distance between the two collar points varies.


Many men prefer to wear a tie with a large knot or a bow tie with a cutaway collar because the spread makes the entire knot or tie visible. One popular knot for this type of collar is the full Windsor knot, although some men choose the four-in-hand knot.


Because the points of the cutaway collar angle out from the face, the style is well-suited for a man with a long face, according to Savile Row Company, a shirt manufacturer.


Wing collars resemble cutaway collars. Wing collars, however, are small points of cloth designed to be folded. Wing collar-shirts are worn with tuxedos.

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