Grapefruit Seed Extract & Sinus Infections

Updated June 01, 2018

Sinus infection and sinusitis are inflammations of the sinus and nasal passages, according to eMedicineHealth. A headache or pressure in the eyes, nose and cheek area are symptoms. If a person has a sinus infection, she could also have a cough, a fever, bad breath and nasal congestion. According to, sinus infections are the top reason for doctor visits. Natural treatments can help ease the pain and suffering.


Grapefruit seed extract relieves the symptoms of sinus infection, according to They note that grapefruit seed extract is the most powerful herbal antibiotic and antifungal. Because of its potency, they recommend that you dilute it with water before use.

Considerations recommends that anyone who is prone to sinus infections or anyone who gets an occasional stuffy nose due to colds should get a neti pot, a pot used to clean out the nasal passages. They claim that the neti pot is the best remedy for sinus infections.


If you have a sinus infection and a neti pot, just add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract to the neti pot with some warm water. Otherwise, dilute the grapefruit seed extract in warm water and fill a nasal sprayer. Spray it up your nose every hour until your symptoms subside.

Case Study

A patient suffering from chronic sinusitis tried everything, including surgery, to alleviate the sinus problems. He discovered a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, published in, that showed fungus to be the cause of most sinus problems. This patient found that grapefruit seed extract is a powerful antifungal agent. After mixing the grapefruit seed extract with water and using it as a nasal spray, this patient got relief after only a week. The thick mucus in his nose had thinned, the stuffiness had decreased, the headache disappeared, the burning inside the nose stopped and the blurry eyes cleared up.

Where to Buy

The Mayo Clinic study showed that medications and antibiotics were not effective for sinus problems because they target bacteria, not fungi, which they found is the cause of most sinus infections. If you want to give grapefruit seed extract a try, you can find it at most health food stores or natural food co-ops, according to

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