Top Selling Things to Sell on eBay

Updated March 23, 2017

eBay, an online auction and shopping website, was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. Millions of articles may be sold on eBay. While the top selling items change day to day, certain categories remain popular.


eBay's site divides the items you sell into different groups called "Categories." Electronics, Music, and Designer Clothing are three of the more popular categories that tend to stay on eBay's Top 10 list. It is important to realise, however, that even though the category itself may remain popular, the products on the list will not. A specific cell phone may be the top electronic item one day and a new iPod may become the most popular electronic item the next.


When selling items on eBay, you must stay aware of upcoming and fading trends. Popular Christmas toys may stay on the top 10 list for two or three months prior to December but may drop from the search list immediately after the holiday has passed. Other items, for example, Gucci handbags, may gain in popularity because a famous entertainer is seen carrying one but are no longer desired when she is spotted a few weeks later toting something else.


There are several ways to research trending or popular items. eBay provides information to help identify top selling current items on its site by letting you view sections on Popular Searches and Popular Products. Located on eBay's site map under, "More Ways to Find Items," the Popular Searches category gives a list of the most-searched-for keywords, such as "laptop," "iPhone" or "digital camera." The Popular Products section gives a list with the actual name of the product, such as a specific artist's DVD or latest MP3 player. There are also companies, such as, that analyse this information and--for a monthly fee--can give you reports on not only what is popular now but forecast trends for what is likely to be popular in the near future.


There are many places to locate merchandise to sell. Drop shipping companies, local businesses in your area, wholesale stores and even outlets are all good places to look for inventory. Some sellers even buy their product from other eBay sellers and resell the item by raising the price to make a profit.


Since many other eBay sellers may be using the same drop shipping company, it may be difficult to sell the same item in a way that you can make a profit. You should research not only the company itself but consider the profit margin on the items you want to sell.

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