Side Effects of Beclomethasone

Updated July 19, 2017

Beclomethasone is a corticosteroid drug that is sold in the United States under several brand names including Beconase, Nasacort and Vancenase. This drug is available only by prescription and is used to treat nasal allergies and other nasal problems. The medication is administered in a nasal spray or aerosol powder. This drug is also used to prevent nasal polyps from reoccurring after they have been surgically removed.

Eyes and Related Effects

Beclomethasone patients may experience some side effects that are related to the eyes and these should be brought to a doctor's attention. According to the Mayo Clinic, some users have reported blindness or a gradual loss of vision. Blurred vision, eye pain and swelling of the eyelids can occur while on this drug. A redness or discharge can develop in the eyes, eyelids or inner eyelid linings.

Respiratory and Related Effects

Some people have noticed respiratory effects while on beclomethasone and these effects require medical attention. According to the Mayo Clinic, some patients have experienced shortness of breath or tightness in the chest. Coughing, hoarseness and a sore throat are possible with this drug. The nose can be dry, runny or stuffy while on this medicine. Wheezing, sneezing and an itchy throat may develop with this drug.

Pain Effects

Different kinds of pain have occurred in beclomethasone patients and a physician should be seen if these types of pain develop. According to the Mayo Clinic, some people have experienced headaches or a burning inside the nose. Muscle pain can occur while on this medication. Users have reported stomach pain during treatment with this drug. Chest tightening has also been reported.

Other Effects

Other side effects have been reported by beclomethasone patients and these effects require medical attention. According to the Mayo Clinic, individuals have noticed unusual nosebleeds or bloody mucous. Sores and white crusty patches may develop inside a patient's nose. Loss of smell and taste has occurred with this drug. Ringing in the ears, unusual tiredness and skin rash are possible.


Beclomethasone patients should watch for signs of drug overdose and get medical help right away. According to the Mayo Clinic, users can experience acne or bone fractures after an overdose. Excessive hair growth in women and impotence in men has been reported. Menstrual changes and a lack of menstrual periods can occur. High blood pressure, muscle weakness and wasting of the muscles can take place while a patient is on high doses of this corticosteroid.


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