Grants for People With a Disability

Updated April 17, 2017

Grants are available for people with disabilities to help them function in life. These grants can come from the government, non-profit organisations and foundations. The benefits that these grants offer will greatly aid disabled people with various life-enhancing programs and other resources they need to accomplish major life functions.

Supportive Housing

People with disabilities need housing that allows them to function to the best of their ability despite their handicap. Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities is a grant that may be used to construct, rehabilitate or acquire structures to meet the housing needs of a person with a disability. Adult low-income individuals who have a physical or developmental disability or chronic illness are eligible to apply. Applicants must apply at Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offices in their area.


Knowing how to use technology in our modern world is very important. People with disabilities should be able to have access and the ability to use media and computer sources. The Special Education Technology and Media Services for Individuals with Disabilities grant promotes the development, demonstration and utilisation of technology for disabled people. Individuals with disability who are infants, toddlers, children and adults may benefit from this program. State education agencies, local school agencies and charter schools are the only qualified applicants for to receive direct funding for this program. Beneficiaries will benefit by utilising the resources that these institutions have to offer. Parents or caretakers of disabled individuals must contact the educational facility that their child is attending to see if it has the grant and how they can best benefit from its use.

Independent Living

Living an independent lifestyle means that people must have the ability to support themselves. The Developmental Disabilities Basic Support and Advocacy Grant works by helping disabled people to become independent, productive and integrated members of their community. Disabled people with a severe chronic disability or individuals who have a mental or physical impairment before the age of 22 that is likely to continue indefinitely are eligible. Also, children from birth to age 9 with a developmental delay or with a high probability of developing a disability also are eligible for this grant.

Parental Help

The parents of disabled children benefit from a program by receiving training and information about their rights and protection pertaining to their handicapped offspring. They also are shown how to effectively participate in the planning and decision making for their disabled children. This decision making would be included in areas of education, life skills and health care. This program, the Special Education Parent Information Center, is a grant-funded project. Children from birth to adulthood and their families can participate in this program.

Independent Centers

Centers for Independent Living allow severely disabled adults to function with the best possible efficiency. Unlike supportive housing, these centres focus more on helping disabled people to be able to function inside of their homes and communities by receiving training at local centres. People who have severe physical, mental and sensor impairment that impede their ability to function in major life skills will benefit from this service. To apply for the grant-funded services, you must contact one of the centres. Click the resources below to find out more about these centres.

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