NordicTrack-Treadmill Problems

Updated February 21, 2017

One of the most frustrating things that an individual who plans to work out can experience--- is malfunctioning gym equipment. While workout devices are built to withstand a certain amount of duress, after repeated use, they may begin to exhibit problems. On the other hand, sometimes equipment simply stops working without any warning whatsoever. Whatever the case, your NordicTrack treadmill need not stay broken for long. Try these troubleshooting tips to determine what the problem may be, and the best solution.

No Belt Motion

If the belt just won't go when you're standing on your treadmill, the problem may be experiencing one of a number of problems. The first is an easy fix; but for the second, you might have to fall back on that warranty. Lubrication can become an issue on treadmills, but a lack of lubrication generally goes unnoticed until the treadmill stops completely. Your service manual will include tips for the best lubrication to buy and where to apply it. However, if a broken motor is the problem, it's best not to try a home fix---instead, call the NordicTrack customer-service number.

Belt Is Too Tight/Loose

NordicTrack treadmills have two types of belt-adjustment systems, located at the right-hand corner of the back roller. One will fit an Allen wrench (the two-adjustment system); the other, a hex wrench (the one-adjustment). In either case, turning the bolt (or bolts) a quarter turn will greatly affect the tenseness of the belt on which you walk.

Pulse-Monitor Problems

Handgrip heart-rate monitors come standard on most recent NordicTrack systems. If yours isn't working, stand on the rails to the side and stop moving, clutching the bars firmly with both hands. If your pulse still does not show, reset the console by unplugging, waiting for 30 seconds, and then reinserting the plug. Next, take out the safety key and reinsert. This should reset the system that monitors your pulse.

White Residue

Some owners of a NordicTrack complain of a whitish residue that builds up on and around the walking platform. It may appear as a thin coat or a powder. This is not a sign of a malfunctioning NordicTrack---rather, it is factory-applied lubricant from the walking belt. Leave it alone, and do not attempt to lubricate with silicone spray, as this is a normal occurrence.

Console Error

When the console reads zeros, NordicTrack owners will sometimes panic, believing that the console is broken. However, such an occurrence can usually be chalked up to three issues: low battery, a faulty optic sensor, or a malfunctioning reed switch. Because the positioning of these systems may be different in every NordicTrack, consult your manual to determine where and how to deal with these common functionality issues.

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