Effect of oestrogen pills on men

Updated April 17, 2017

Oestrogen is a hormone that is created by the human body. Most oestrogen is created by the ovaries although some oestrogen is also created by the adrenal glands and liver. Oestrogen plays a main part in the female's reproductive process. Even though oestrogen is mainly known as a female hormone there are some cases when men will take oestrogen pills.


Testosterone is the main hormone in the male body but a male body also produces oestrogen. If the oestrogen and testosterone in a male body are not at the right level then the body will go through many changes.

Positive effects

It is possible for men to have a level of oestrogen that is too low and in these cases taking an oestrogen pill can improve your health. Oestrogen pills can help avoid prostrate cancer, lower the chance of a heart attack, prevent acne and it can slow baldness.

Negative effect

According to the Rocky Mountain Analytical website, when the level of oestrogen gets too high or too low in men it can have a negative effect. High or low levels of oestrogen in men can cause enlarged breasts, liver problems, a decrease in hair growth, a lack of sexual interest and a higher risk for blood clots. The most common negative effect of oestrogen in men though is a greater chance of prostrate cancer.

Acquiring oestrogen pills

Oestrogen pills can be acquired by visiting a physician and getting a prescription. Also some websites will sell oestrogen pills to men that do not want to see a doctor and get a prescription but it is advised that you get a prescription from a physician.


The only way to truly know if your oestrogen level is high or low is to see a physician. Don't just assume that because you are going bald or your sex drive is low that your oestrogen and testosterone levels are wrong. Your symptoms could be from something else completely. Men should only take oestrogen pills after a seeing a physician and having them check the hormone levels.

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