Metal Detector Digging Tools

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're ready for some excitement, try metal detecting. Whether hidden beneath the forest floor, beach sands, murky swamps or your own urban back yard, hidden treasure is closer than you think. Rare coins, gold nuggets, diamond rings or pirate plunder are waiting to be discovered. Grab your metal detector and let's go!

Take Care Of Your Tools

Metal detecting experts take their digging tools seriously. When selecting tools for treasure hunting, pay attention to construction and craftsmanship. Compare quality before you settle for second best. Your tools, if taken care of properly, will last a lifetime.

Safety Gear

Snake guard legging or chaps are essential for metal detecting in the desert or any snake infested terrain. "Invest in the best," your life could depend on them.

A small waterproof backpack to hold water, rain gear, first-aid kit, maps, compass, water, food and miscellaneous tools is indispensable.

Shovels And Spades

T or D handled diggers are ideal in that they are lightweight and durable for any small digging task. A multiple use, 27-inch shovel is perfect for metal detecting and will do double duty as a walking stick in rough terrain. Choose one with a sharpened blade for easy digging and with a serrated edge on one side for slicing through tough roots. The 100 per cent all-steel construction will provide the strength to tackle all conditions.


A durable metal, short handle scoop is a must for those who venture out with their metal detectors. Opt for a universal, lightweight aluminium tool for all soil conditions.

A long handled water scoop is perfect for quick sifting. Choose a lightweight scoop with a minimum 40-inch handle, a rubber grip and a duck billed cutting-edge; an excellent choice for easier digging and faster target recovery when water hunting.

Beach Hunting Sand Baskets

Sand baskets come in many different sizes and shapes, however those constructed with woven re-enforced steel mesh are far superior to the "punched out hole" design in allowing sand, even heavy, wet-packed sand to filter through the basket while retaining, coins, jewellery and other potential treasure.


A trowel is a sturdy "must have" item for the detector's tool kit. A solid-steel, one-piece trowel with a saw tooth design will allow you to easily cut through tough roots without bending or breaking.

Choose a stainless steel model that will not rust. A trowel with padded vinyl grip that feels good when you hold it is a wise choice. You will use this tool constantly, so comfort is important. Hand trowels are available in 12-inch to 22-inch lengths and varying blade width and configurations. Trowels with a rounds scoop are best for digging in loose soils and where plugging may be difficult. Narrow blade trowels are best suited for making deep, small diameter holes and offer ease in tough soil conditions.

Metal Probes

A strong metal probe will help you pinpoint a target before digging. Choose a unit with a brass tip to protect the target. Select a screwdriver style handle to ensure a firm grip.

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