Orthopedic surgeon's average salary

According to the Mayo Clinic "orthopaedics" is derived from the Greek words for "straighten the child." An orthopaedic surgeon is highly trained in the study, preservation and restoration of the form and function of the extremities and spine through surgical, medical or physical methods. Some orthopaedic surgeons repair broken bones while others specialise in such areas as foot and ankle orthopaedics and orthopaedic sports medicine. An orthopaedic surgeon is well compensated for his unique expertise.

Professional Responsibilites

An orthopaedic surgeon treats patients who have musculoskeletal abnormalities. The problems typically addressed include congenital deformities, trauma, infections, tumours and injuries and degenerative diseases of the spine, hands, feet, knee, hip, shoulder, and elbow, among others.

An orthopaedic surgeon will frequently perform laser surgery to scale back or eliminate torn cartilage in the knee or other injured areas.

Other physicians often refer their patients to an orthopaedic surgeon for specialised care.

Work Environment

Orthopaedic surgeons are in close contact with a variety of other health care professionals including rheumatologists (specialists in disease such as arthritis and lupus) and general practitioners.

Some orthopaedic surgeons work in hospitals while others dedicate their time to private practice and sports clinics. Still others enter research or decide teach at universities and colleges.

Education and Training

Orthopaedic surgeons must complete an undergraduate program and go on to earn a four-year degree from a medical school. Upon graduation, physicians must fulfil the requirements of a five year residency program. The program commonly includes four years of training in orthopaedic surgery and one year of training in general surgery, internal medicine or paediatrics.

Salary Overview

The annual salary for orthopaedic surgeons ranges from £242,060 to £333,125. Individual earnings can vary significantly depending on the orthopaedic surgeon's level or experience, geographic location, and type of work setting.

Salary and Experience

The median annual salary for a first year orthopaedic surgeon is between £32,500 and £162,500.

The salary range for those with 10 to 19 years experience jumps to between £130,000 and £260,000.

The yearly earnings for an orthopaedic surgeon with more than 20 years experience takes a slight dip. They're estimated to be between £117,000 and £211,250.

Salary and work setting

Orthopaedic surgeons who work in hospitals earn between £75,000 and £200,000. Those is private practice can expect to make somewhere between £130,000 and; £240,000. Orthopaedic surgeons who work in universities generally earn between £50,000 and £90,000.

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