Alcohol & excessive night sweating

Updated July 19, 2017

The cause of night sweating stems from many other conditions, but is extremely common with people who suffer from alcohol addiction. The excessive night sweating is a symptom of alcohol withdrawal, but many people who continue to drink also find this condition common to them. If you are trying to quit drinking, please continue, no matter how uncomfortable it gets.

Other Causes of Night Sweats

Women experiencing menopause or "hot flushes" while the hormones are acting wildly out of control is widely the cause for night sweats in females. Some infections and bacteria can cause sweating, as does HIV. If your doctor recently prescribed a medication, night sweats could be a side effect of that, some people acclimating to an antidepressant complain of sweating.

Alcohol Withdrawals

If you are waking up during the night with your bed drenched or are having bad or racing dreams, or involuntary twitching because you recently began the wise decision to stop drinking alcohol, hang in there!

You are not alone; this is an extremely common side effect of your body detoxifying itself. You will experience this for a few days, and for some even a few weeks, but it will subside with perseverance.

Other Symptoms

The twitching you might experience is your body responding to the decreased blood alcohol level. Liquor in fact, is a depressant. Once the level of alcohol is high, the nervous system tries to counterbalance the depressant effect. With alcohol levels reduced, the body tries to regain a healthy equilibrium. Eventually the tremors and sweating symptoms will decrease and go away altogether.

Helpful Solutions for Night Sweating

Whether you are going through alcohol withdrawal symptoms causing wet bedding and clothing, or it is some other cause; it may be time to purchase some wicking clothing, sleepwear, or wicking bedding. Your mate will appreciate this since your symptoms are affecting them as well.

Wicking Material

Wicking is a type of specially formulated polyester microfiber cloth created for athletes---headbands, wristbands, etc---that pulls moisture from your skin and wicks it out through the material to the surface and it will evaporate once it reaches the air. Regular fabrics hold the moisture in.

Keep Going

This is just one solution to help relieve a problem that is definitely going to pass. Your life will improve immensely if you are serious about quitting drinking once and for all. Make sure you keep water by your bedside and replace the lost electrolytes and vitamins during the day. Night sweats due to alcohol is one hundred per cent normal and you are going to be fine much sooner than you think.

This is a temporary condition, but your life depends on your decision to keep going.

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