Side effects of salazopyrin

Updated July 19, 2017

Salazopyrin is a brand name of the sulfasalazine prescription drug. This drug is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis in patients who were not helped by other medicines. This medication is also used to relieve inflammation that is due to inflammatory bowel disease. This drug is available in tablets for oral administration. Some side effects have occurred with users of Salazopyrin.

Gastrointestinal and Related Effects

Some Salazopyrin users have developed unusual gastrointestinal-related side effects. According to, some individuals have started vomiting after receiving a dose of this drug. Some people endured stomach or abdominal pain. Some users reported diarrhoea. Diarrhoea may become bloody in some cases. Some patients lost their appetites after starting on this drug. Unusual nausea has occurred with this medication. An upset stomach has been reported by some Salazopyrin users.

Nervous System and Respiratory Effects

Some side effects related to the nervous system and respiratory systems have occurred in people who were treated with Salazopyrin. According to, some patients have complained of continuous headaches while they used this medication. Unusual tiredness and weakness have been reported in some cases. Some people experienced coughing while on this drug. Breathing difficulties have been reported. Difficulty swallowing has occurred. Some users experienced a sore throat.

Skin and Related Effects

Some skin-related side effects were reported by patients who used Salazopyrin. According to, some individuals observed a skin rash, pale skin or redness of the skin. Some patients complained about itching. The fingernails, skin and lips can become bluish in colour. Blistering, peeling and loosening of the skin have developed in some users. Unusual bleeding and bruising have been reported. The skin or eyes may become yellow. The skin can become increasingly sensitive to sunlight.

Other Effects

According to, some patients have reported a fever during treatment with Salazopyrin. Aching joints and muscles have occurred in some people. Back pain and leg pain were reported by some users of this medication. Some people reported chest pain. Chills were experienced by some people who took Salazopyrin. A general feeling of illness or discomfort has developed in some cases.


Patients need to take some precautions before they begin treatment with Salazopyrin. According to, this drug can cause blood problems that may increase the likelihood of some infections, slow healing and result in bleeding gums. Care should be exercised while brushing teeth, using a toothpick or using dental floss. Oral care should be discussed with a dentist and a doctor. People should wear sunscreen and protective clothing when outdoors due to increased sun sensitivity.


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