Cat Pooping Problems

Written by lisa rusczyk
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Cats are creatures of habit, and once your cat has started pooping outside the litter box it can be difficult to change her ways. There are a few common causes for cats pooping on the floor, most of which are behavioural in nature. Your cat is trying to tell you something, such as she isn’t feeling well or is stressed about something, or she’s marking territory.


A pooping cat may be sick. If the stool is frequently runny or bloody, a vet will do a fecal exam to determine if there’s a parasite present and will look your cat over for any serious reasons for your cat’s new habit.

Marking Territory

Your cat could be marking her territory. This is called middening. If another animal has been introduced to the household, your cat may find this threatening and poop to mark her scent in different places in the house. If you have more than one cat, your kitty doing the damage might be insecure with the situation and mark one area as hers. A common place cats do this is in front of a door leading to the outside, where she can smell other cats or animals in the area.


Something can be stressing your cat, so pay close attention to her behaviour. Cats are sensitive living companions, and the way they communicate is through scent. Poop on the floor is a visual cue as well as a scent marker that your cat is unhappy with something. It is a stronger message than urinating outside the litter box.

Too Much Solitude

Your cat may be responding to too much time alone. Cats make ideal pets for some who aren't home enough to take them out on regular bathroom breaks. But like dogs, cats get lonely and need companionship. Your cat could be sending you the message that she feels abandoned if you aren't around.

Inconsistency or Insecurity

If your cat is pooping around the house and is not ill, bored or stressed, she may be feeling insecure. This could be caused by something as big as too many other cats in the house, or a small thing like moving around your cat's food dish or scratch post.

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