Clubbells vs. Kettlebells

Written by raphael garcia
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Choosing the correct equipment to use while weight training is just as important as selecting the right exercises. The debate over what types of equipment to use will rage on forever. Some recommend free weights over weight machines, dumbbells instead of barbells, the argument can go either way. Variety is the best option, taking advantage of all that is available to you in order to reach your goals. Clubbells and kettlebells are both recent additions to many gyms across the country, and many people are turning to them for a new kick in their workout plans.

What Exactly Is a Clubbell?

Clubbells may owe their existence as a training method to ancient civilisations, but they are still making an impact in today's gym. A basic description of a clubbell is to call it a weighted baseball bat. The user holds onto the handle, just like you would a bat, while the top is loaded with varying levels of weight for resistance. Through swinging the weight in various directions you stress different muscle groups through action. Workout programs are created to simulate such actions as swinging a baseball bat, axe or sledgehammer. When first becoming accustomed to clubbells it is best to begin with 10, 15 and 20 pound clubs for men and 2.27 to 4.54 Kilogram for women.

Benefits of the Clubbell

When used properly clubbells can add a high-impact component to any workout plan. The swinging motions practised during training force the body to use many muscle groups. The chest, shoulders, arms, back, legs and core muscles all are employed to control the weight at any point. The workouts are meant to not only add strength to those muscles used but also to improve your cardio. Mixing clubbell use into your workout plan will add to the work done with regular exercises, and the unfamiliar motions used will allow you to improve muscles that you cannot target through conventional methods.

Never Heard of a Kettlebell?

An import from Russia known as the kettlebell has become a popular addition to workout plans across the country. When looking at a kettlebell it essentially looks like a cannonball with a handle attached. The first kettlebells were created with set levels of weights, but newer additions have come with adjustable options. Weightlifters have begun to use these weights in place of dumbbells for such workouts as curls, triceps extensions and weighted lunges. Swinging type workouts have been created using kettlebells to work the legs and core while also working on endurance and balance. Workouts such as these have become popular in such sports as mixed martial arts and boxing.

Benefits of a Kettlebell

The kettlebell can bring a much needed boost to your workout plan. When used correctly, it adds strength and cardiovascular improvement and allows you to work on your balance. Exercises have been created using the kettlebell that require you to release the bell mid-swing and catch the handle with the opposite hand. While for experienced users only, these types of workouts help build hand-eye coordination along with strength and endurance. Supporters of the kettlebell have said that since the weight is located in one central location as opposed to the separate ends found on dumbbells, using kettlebells may be easier for beginning weightlifters to handle.

Clubbells vs. Kettlebells

Both clubbells and kettlebells can bring a needed adjustment to your workout plans. When used in place of conventional weightlifting methods, both of these items will cause you to shock your muscles into response. This type of sudden transition will allow you to build towards the strength and muscle growth expected of lifting weights. They both allow you new ways to build your strength, cardio and balance. Availability may be the only plus that kettlebells have over clubbells as they are becoming more readily available in gyms and the space requirements to work out with them are not as vast as using a club bell. However, you can easily create your own clubbell at home using a hollowed out baseball bat and anything from concrete to ball bearings to fill it.

Gaining the most from your workout is an important part of any moment spent at the gym. While neither holds a substantial benefit over the other, both kettlebells and clubbells are being used in workouts all over.

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