What Are the Best Emo Hair Products to Use?

Updated February 21, 2017

Emo hair is well known for it's punky edge and controlled craziness, so the best emo hair products are ones that deliver uncompromising hold and control. Emo hairstyles are very precise and require a lot of precision. Take a few extra minutes the next time you're in the hair care aisle so you can choose the best products for you.


Hairspray is probably the No. 1 hair product for emo hairstyle use because it comes in a wide variety of holds and can aid in styles from pretty volume to extreme edginess. You can mist your style from six inches away, creating a subtle but firm hold. You can also spray it closer to the head, applying more product and creating a non-greasy sort of superglue. Hairspray is ideal for holding spikes, curls, volume and especially choppy layers.

Hair Wax

Hair wax is a wonderful emo hair concoction that is like a solid gel and setting cream combined. When rubbed into hair it can create a very bendable effect, making it the No. 1 product to use for spikes and most other extreme styles. However, hair wax is best used in short hair only, as it might make long hair too sticky. It can also appear greasy if too much is used, so only apply it to the parts of your hair that you will be styling.


Volume is ideal for emo hairstyles, as the-bigger-the-better looks are most popular, especially with long hair. While hair is still damp, apply a ball of mousse slightly larger than a golf ball throughout, making sure the product is equally spread out and covers from root to tip. From there, you can either scrunch it with your hands and let it air dry to get an edgier version of waves, or you can blow dry upside down with a round brush for volume.


Hair dye is almost always essential for emo hairstyles, as most of them flaunt bright and bold colours from jet black to platinum blonde to purples, blues and reds. If you don't want to make a lasting commitment, there are plenty of temporary dyes in all colours that will wash out in a week. Or, you could go for the semi-permanent dye, which will last a few months before gradually fading out. If you have dark hair and want colour streaks without the fuss of bleaching first, why not try a few clip-ons? They come in many different colours and styles, from stick straight to wavy to spiral curled.

Heat-Activated Products

Because most emo hairstyles are created with blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons, making sure your products are heat-activated can really help save your hair. While emo hair doesn't exactly give off the 'natural' look, having healthy hair is important because the shine and strength can completely make the style. Crunchy or fried hair appears too overworked and can look like you tried too hard without being careful. Heat-activated products can ensure you are still able to use your favourite styling tools without having to compromise much. Your hair will thank you!

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