Dangers of Soy Milk

Updated February 21, 2017

The dangers associated with the use of soy milk are similar to those associated with any food made from soy. Warnings are included on soy products to remind consumers of their lack of nutrients and vitamins as well as the negative effects of consuming too much of them.

Potentially Dangerous Ingredients

Phytic acid is found in high amounts in unfermented soy products. Phytic acid leads to lowered absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium and zinc, deficiencies of which may cause malnutrition, lack of growth in bones and organs and problems in digestive organs. Lectins and saponins, also found in soy products, are known to cause immune and gastrointestinal problems. Other ingredients in soy products, such as oxalates, can contribute to kidney stones or even vulvodynia, a painful irritation of the vulva; and oligosaccharides in soy products can produce flatulence and intestinal cramps.

Benefits of Soy reports that at first soy-product manufacturers tried to remove these troublesome ingredients, but failing to do so they decided instead to promote the benefits of these ingredients: They argued that although the protease inhibitors, lectins, saponins and other ingredients in soy milk and soy products can inhibit absorption of good nutrients by the body, they can also remove toxins even fight cancer-causing agents.


Proper processing and home cooking removes most of these potentially harmful ingredients, so soy milk is nowadays less dangerous to consume. However, because processing methods do not completely remove all the potentially harmful ingredients, consuming large amounts of soy milk and other soy products is still not safe. Dangerous overconsumption of soy products is explained by

Lack of Vitamins

The lack of vitamins in soy milk makes the milk and other soy products especially troubling for infants and children. A report from tells of a vegan couple who fed their infant child nothing but organic juices and soy milk. Unknowingly, the couple effectively starved their infant child to death, because they did not realise that the lack of vitamins in soy milk, combined with its ingredients that inhibit absorption of vitamins and nutrients by the body, can make overconsumption of soy milk dangerous for infants and small children.

Soy-based Formula

Soy milk was once touted to replace milk for babies who were born intolerant to lactose found in milk. Because ill-informed parents were unknowingly replacing vitamin-enriched soy-based formula with vitamin-lacking soy milk, a law was passed dictating that soy milk be heavily supplemented with minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids crucial to an infant or small child's diet.

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