Good Looks for Bald Men

Updated March 23, 2017

A thinning hairline is one of the most common problems for men; although more prevalent in older men, it can even strike men in their early 20s. Although some balding men might feel embarrassed about their looks, there are a few things you can do to improve your appearance. By choosing the right hairstyle and accessories, you can make baldness look stylish.

The Buzz Cut

"Bald" is a subjective term; while some men might have zero hair, others only have "balding" hair. The buzz cut serves as a top-notch short haircut for balding men since the buzz cut trims the hair to an equal length all over the top of the head. This creates a cleaner and sleeker look, helping to hide receding or thinning hair.

Cover It Up

One of the quickest ways to hide a bald head and still remain stylish is through a cap or hat. A baseball cap is a good accessory choice for casual weekends, while a cowboy hat can be a more stylish option made popular by balding celebrities, such as Kenny Chesney. If you want a rougher and more rugged look, then a bandanna is another option.

Facial Hair

A moustache or a goatee diverts attention to your face, adding style to a bald head. A moustache provides a more dominant and rugged look, while a goatee or "fu manchu" will both provide a fun and relaxed look.


Bald men --- especially completely bald men who shave all the hair on their head --- generally have a better look when sporting some form of facial hair. Some men, however, don't enjoy sporting long facial hair. An alternative option is to grow stubble --- avoiding too much hair maintenance. Stubble can be maintained with only a few minutes a week. A simple electric shaver can be set to different lengths and only needs to be used once every day or two to maintain a consistent look.

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