Lemon juice benefits

Updated November 21, 2016

Lemon juice is made by simply squeezing one or two teaspoons of lemon into water. Lemon juice offers many health benefits to the body because of the different nutrients and acidity. Lemons are inexpensive and you can even purchase lemon concentrate to add to water. With no caffeine, sodium or sugar, people should feel free to drink lemon juice daily.

Liver Benefits

Your liver produces bile. The bile is used to aid in digestion. Lemons stimulate the liver to produce additional bile. As a result, drinking lemon juice in the mornings helps you with digestion throughout the day. Your food digests faster to help you speed up metabolism and reduce the chances of digestive problems. You can even squeeze a small amount of lemon into a glass of water with each meal to promote healthy digestion.

Immune-System Booster

Lemon juice is a natural immune-system booster. Your body needs a strong immune system to fight colds, illnesses and infection. Drinking just one glass of lemon juice daily can help build a strong immune system to keep you healthier.


One of the benefits of lemon juice is it is a natural diuretic. A diuretic causes your body to urinate more frequently than it normally would. People with water-retention problems or prone to urinary-tract infections can benefit from the natural diuretic effect of lemon juice. The acidity level in lemon juice kills bacteria in the urinary tract, while the body flushes out impurities by urinating more frequently.

Gallbladder and Kidney Stones

A daily glass of lemon juice can help to dissolve and reduce the size of gallbladder and kidney stones.

Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C builds up your body's immunity. This vitamin helps promote natural healing within your body and replacement of many different cells. Lemon juice is very rich in Vitamin C. As a result, drinking lemon juice can give you healthier skin, decrease your chances of infections and even help wounds heal faster.

Rich in Calcium

Your body needs calcium to build bone density and sustain a healthy nervous system. Lemon juice is high in calcium. Your teeth, bones and central nervous system all benefit from drinking one glass of lemon juice daily.

Calcium provides your body with energy as well. If you are low on energy, drinking an 236ml glass of lemon juice is a natural way to increase energy without sodium, sugar or caffeine. There is no subsequent crash after gaining energy with lemon juice that is experienced with commercial energy drinks or drinks high in caffeine.

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