Description of Christian Power Bead Bracelets

Written by susan king
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A Christian is a person who believes in Jesus Christ and lives a life based on the example and the teachings of Jesus. Christian power bead bracelets, also known as power witness bracelets or faith bracelets, are worn by Christians to show their belief as a silent witness to those around them. Each bead or charm on the bracelet has a special meaning that relates to the life of Jesus or their belief in the sacrifice He made for all Christians.

The Power Bead Bracelet

A power bead bracelet is actually a simple circle with seven beads. The beads can be placed on a leather strap or a chain bracelet. If the maker chooses a leather strap, it symbolises the beating Jesus endured at the hands of the guards. The seven beads are a specific colour and in a specific order. The first bead is black to represent sin. The next bead is red for the blood shed on the cross. The third bead can be heart-shaped and should be clear to represent forgiveness. Blue, green, gold and purple are the last four beads. These represent the gift of the Holy Spirit given to us at Jesus' baptism, the promise of eternal life, heaven's streets of gold and the gift of grace, respectively.

Jelly Bean Faith Bracelet

A jelly bean bracelet is similar to a power bead bracelet but intended for a younger audience. Instead of beads, the bracelet has small jelly-bean-coloured charms with clear beads between them. The bracelets come with a rhyming prayer that explains the significance of each colour. Red is for Jesus' blood, green is for grass, yellow is for the sun and orange is the edge of night. Black is for our sins and white is for His grace, while purple represents His sorrow and pink is for our new tomorrow.

His Story Beaded Bracelet

Another Christian beaded bracelet is the His Story bracelet, in which each bead and charm tells the story of Jesus from birth to death. It contains such beads as a silver star charm to represent the star that guided the wise men to Jesus' birth. A wooden bead represents Jesus as a carpenter, who later became a fisher of men with his twelve apostles, symbolised by a silver fish bead and twelve small silver rings. Jesus' crucifixion is represented by a silver cross charm. The largest bead is a glass heart, representing Christ's love.

Mustard Seed Bracelets

A mustard seed bracelet is a beaded bracelet that features a mustard seed encased in glass. This evokes the Bible passage in which Jesus compared a person's faith to that of a mustard seed, something small that grows large. It also symbolises the idea that with Jesus' help, even a little faith can accomplish mighty things.

Other Christian Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets can be found in many types with the same purpose: a silent witness to the wearer's Christianity. These bracelets include The Lords' Prayer told through beads and charms as well as the Serenity Prayer. Bracelets represent specific parts of the Bible such as the Corinthians passage explaining love or the 23rd Psalm. Rosary bracelets for Catholic believers are available as well. A Prayer Box bracelet has a small box charm for the wearer to place a prayer inside and be reminded to pray every time they see the bracelet on their arm.

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