Types of Business Communication Methods

The methods of business communication have rapidly evolved since the early days of business. From the early days of phone calls and mailings to the modern days of e-mail, web conferencing and video phone, there are an abundant amount of ways in which businesses communication, both internally and externally.

Telephony: VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol technology allows users to communicate over the Internet. This calling option allows you to see your calling party and interact in real time. VoIP services also reduce the expenses that occur with standard local and long distance services since many VoIP services are free or low-cost.

Handheld Wireless Devices

Handheld wireless devices such as PDAs and smartphones combine the operations of a computer and phone into one device. These handheld devices provide phone, e-mail, web browsing, calendar options and more. Some smartphones even allow you to sign into corporate databases and intranets. Business executives and employees have begun to use these devices to stay in touch with the office while they are away.


Videoconferencing has helped reduce business costs and expenses. Videoconferencing brings participants together from various locations with the help of cameras and screens. This communication method allows groups to see and interact with one another in real team. This method allows businesses to reduce their overhead and expenses because they are no longer required to travel in order to meet with the business partners and clients.

Company Intranet

Intranet systems are widely used in business. Intranets house insider business information such as departmental information, product knowledge, events, meetings and contact information. The information is protected from external access and often provides interactive materials and access to business resources and software.

Blogs and Podcasts

Blogs and podcasts are becoming more popular in business. These communication methods allow customers and clients to express their experiences and concerns about the business with a journal entry (blog) or voice audio (podcast). Businesses use these communication methods to keep customers informed and to receive feedback. The received information can be highly informative and the information is obtained more quickly than when using surveys and feedback sheets.

E-mail, Internet Chat and Instant Messaging

E-mail has created a solid foundation in the business community, providing timely written conversations that can also be used as a record. Instant chat and instant messaging take the email method one step further, allowing for instant , real time responses. Many businesses have initiated chat and instant messaging options for customers seeking customer service and sales assistance on their company websites. These methods are advanced options that provide the customer with greater conveniences and less hassle. These options are also widely used within the business, allowing employees to immediate responses and assistance without losing productivity.

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