Birthday Ideas for a 95-Year-Old

Updated July 19, 2017

A 95th birthday is truly a birthday to be celebrated. Whether you decide to have a small or large gathering, focusing on the unique details of the birthday man or woman will make this party unforgettable.


If you would like to do a themed party, you could have a costume party based on the decade when the guest of honour was born. You could also choose a special decade in their lives and base the party around it.


If you are having a party at the house and you are cooking or catering the event, make the food specific to what the guest of honour likes. If they have five favourite foods, provide all of the favourites. Even if the food doesn't "go" together, it will be significant that all of the honoree's favourite dishes are present at the party.


Gather photographs of the birthday man or woman from birth until now. Choose pictures that include some of the party guests. Display the photos in picture frames and place them all around the house. Instead of buying frames, you can use frames you already have.


You can create photo invitations on websites such as and Choose several photos of the birthday man or woman and upload them to the website. Invitations can be made with one photo or several photos. One idea is to choose 3 photos, including birth, age 50 and a current photo.


Ask all of the party guests to write down their favourite memory of the birthday man or woman. Ask everyone to go around the room and read their memory.


Cakes can be created in the exact image of the invitation. If you give the bakery a copy of the invitation, many bakeries can create a perfect match. Another unique idea is to image the cake after a "family tree." Include all children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren on the cake.


Most 95-year old people have everything that they need. Create a coupon book that offers a gift token for a house cleaning, day on the town, and favourite meal. You could also give the gift of a consistent weekly visit.

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