LG Television Problems

Updated April 01, 2017

LG makes a substantial number of LCD televisions each year. The compact screens are very popular to use in homes, especially where people would prefer their television not take up much space. The thin sets come in a variety of sizes as well as both standard and high definition. While they typically work well, like many electronics LG televisions do run into a few problems.

Screen Freezes

Some LG LCD television owners have reported issues with the screen on their television freezing, while the audio in a program continues. LCD televisions use a microprocessor, much like your home computer. One potential fix for this problem is to reboot your television much like you would a computer. Power your television off, and then unplug it from the wall. Allow the television to sit for a few minutes, plug it back in, and power the screen back on. This simple procedure will typically correct the problem and get your television working normally.

Blurry Picture

Some LG LCD televisions will occasionally show a blurry picture. If your LCD television picture is blurry, check to make sure all of the cables connected to your television are secure. Often a loose cable is the culprit in making video look blurry or out of focus and the problem can be easily fixed by securing the cable once again to your television.

Powering Off

Many LG LCD television owners report having a problem with their televisions where the screen powers on, but then lasts only a few seconds or a few minutes before powering itself off again. The problem usually occurs with brand new televisions, and in this case is inside the television itself. If your television is powering off unexpectedly, contact LG so it can be serviced.

Video Interference

Microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, halogen light bulbs, and small electronics such as kids' toys can interfere with your LCD television causing video noise or lines to show up on your screen. If you notice interference on your television set, consider powering off any electronics that might be located near the set to help eliminate the problem.

Remote Will Not Work

Some LG LCD television owners have issues getting the included remote or the remote for their cable television to work with the television. In some cases, the cable remote is not accustomed with the brighter light put out by the LCD television. Your cable company can provide you with a silver sticker for your remote's sensor that will help the remote make a connection.

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