Free Virtual Hairstyles for Women

Updated March 23, 2017

Before settling on a hair style, it is important to do your research and decide which style and colour looks best with your face. You'll want to consider your face's shape and features when making hair cut decisions, and your complexion when making hair colour decisions. A variety of websites now offer free virtual makeover programs, allowing you to upload your own photo and "try on" as many virtual hairstyles as you choose. These virtual hairstyle programs are a great resource to use before visiting your salon.

Upload A Picture

To achieve the best results, you'll want to upload a picture of yourself to use as the "model" for the virtual hairstyles. Preferably, use a photo of just your head and neck. You should be looking directly into the camera, your head facing straight forward. Your hair should be pulled back and away from your face, and you should be wearing the same amount of make-up you normally wear. If you don't have a photo of yourself to use, most websites will allow you to choose a model to represent you. Select your model carefully, based on face shape and complexion.

Hair Cut & Style

Once your picture is uploaded, you can try on a variety of different hair cuts and hair styles. Most virtual makeover websites offer a broad range of styles in various hair lengths. If you're considering short hair, you can try an angled bob or a pixie cut or see how you look with short, spiky hair. If you typically part your hair down the middle, find a hairstyle that is parted on the side and see how it works with your face. If you're looking for long hair, try it both straight and wavy. You can also experiment with fringe--try them cut straight across the forehead and swept to the side.

Hair Color

If you're considering a hair colour change, you can use your virtual hairstyle makeover to experiment with new hair colours as well. Be as bold and dramatic as you wish --if it doesn't look right, you can go back to normal with just the click of a button. Try everything from blonde to dark brown or black. You may be surprised at the range of colours that complement your complexion. Experiment with highlights and lowlights as well. Most virtual makeover programs will allow you to choose a variety of different shades to experiment with.

Special Occasion Updo

If you have a special occasion coming up, virtual makeover programs are a fun way to experiment with updos. Your face shape will be the main consideration when trying on the different styles. While some updos may be completely flattering, other styles might highlight your least favourite aspects of your face. If you are particularly proud of your eyes, look for hairstyles that pull your hair back and away from your face. If you don't like your ears, try to find hairstyles that cover the ears. From french twists to low chignons and a massive amount of curls, virtual makeovers are a great way to experiment with your options.

Celebrity Styles

We often look to celebrities for fashion, fitness and beauty advice, and hairstyles are no different. Some of the most popular hairstyles that have swept the nation have all started with a celebrity, such as Jennifer Aniston's medium-length layered look and Meg Ryan's choppy bob. Find your favourite celebrity hairstyles in the virtual makeover program and try them on. Although each virtual makeover program differs, most offer a wide variety of celebrity styles to choose from.

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