60th surprise birthday themes & ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

It's time to plan a surprise 60th Birthday party! This is definitely a birthday to celebrate in a big way.


A surprise funeral theme is one idea that can be really fun if your birthday man or woman has a good sense of humour. If you would like to have the party somewhere other than your house, plan a party at a favourite restaurant. Another consideration is the guest list. If your list includes a lot of people and a lot of children, plan a backyard bbq with a dress up theme.


The surprise funeral birthday party needs to be set up like a funeral. Ask guests to dress in black. Have woman wear funeral veils if they have them.

If you are surprising them at their favourite restaurant, reserve a private room and have all of the guests arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of time. Ask everyone to bring gag gifts and funny cards.


If you are going to do a backyard bbq party, ask guests to dress as their favourite icon from the past 60 years. Another idea is to ask guests to dress from their favourite time period.


If you are brave enough to do a funeral-style surprise party, hire a pianist or an organist to play "funeral" type music at the party.

For a backyard bbq, hire a DJ. Ask them to play music from the last 60 years.

When reserving a room in a restaurant, ask them if you can bring a cd player and play your own music.


For a funeral surprise party, decorate the front yard with fake tombstones. If you have friends that decorate their yards for Halloween, they may have decorations for you to borrow.

When decorating the backyard for a surprise bbq, use plenty of 60th birthday balloons. Make happy 60th birthday party signs out of poster board. If there will be grandchildren at the party, ask each grandchild to make his own sign.


Considering adding trivia games to your party. Come up with questions regarding entertainment and news events from the past 60 years. Ask the questions to the birthday man or woman to see how many answers they know.

Another "game" idea is to ask all of the guests to tell their favourite memory of the birthday guy or gal.


Invitations can be created online by uploading pictures of the birthday man or woman. You could use a baby photo or a montage of photos from the guest-of-honor's life.

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