Top Things to Sell on eBay

Many entrepreneurs have made their fortunes by selling on eBay, and you probably want to get in on the action. It sounds perfect: buy something for next to nothing, and then turn it around and sell it for a huge profit on the online auction site. However, some items just don't sell. Carefully choosing top things to sell on eBay means that you'll better find a buyer willing to pay top dollar for your item.


Thanks to the major inflation of items from big box electronic stores, consumers are looking for a cheaper way to buy their DVD players, iPods and television sets. Many are searching eBay for these deals, and you can sell some of your old, unused and even damaged electronics for top dollar on the site. Remember to categorise properly, so that those who are looking for an item like yours can find it easily.


Do you have an attic full of old items that someone else might be able to use or repurpose? Antiques are hot sellers on eBay. The best way to sell your antiques for a hefty profit is to make sure they have all of the proper identification and authentication with them to prove they are collectable antiques. Unfortunately, your "Great Aunt Betty's watch" may not be authentication enough. See an appraiser to get the best documentation on the authenticity of your antiques.

Collectable Memorabilia

Many sellers make a business out of their uncanny abilities to snag superstar memorabilia from singers, actors and other famous people. If you have autographed pictures or a few tour T-shirts, if you put them up on eBay at the right time, they can be top sellers. For instance, a signed picture from all of the members of a band would sell best when the band announces that it is breaking up, as buyers scramble to get their pieces of memorabilia.

Designer Items

Designer handbags are easily one of the top sellers on eBay. Designer bags, glasses and shoes are status items, and while a small-town girl might not have the money or resources to buy a Gucci Pelham where she lives, she can purchase a used one on eBay for less money and still retain the status. Make sure that you have authentic documents with the designer items to prove that they aren't just clever knock-offs.

Niche Items

Seemingly silly niche items often sell very well on eBay for massive profits. Check out your storage containers to see if you have popular action figures that you could sell as a "lot" (a group of items). A bag of vintage marbles recently sold on eBay for £2,990 simply because it was an entire collection. When in doubt, pay the $.50 listing fee just to see if you get any interest. Your trash might just be another person's eBay treasure.

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