Short rockabilly hairstyles for girls

Written by amy lukavics
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The rockabilly style first started in the 1940s, but the craze of pin-up and tattoo culture has made sure that rockabilly hair has stayed the rage ever since. While most rockabilly styles were made for long hair, there are ways to pull off the style with distinct precision even if your hair is short. By focusing on things like hair accessories and a flaw-proof technique, rocking your short hair vintage style will be a snap.

The Keys to Short Rockabilly Style

In order for your short hair to give off that signature rockabilly look, you will need to use curls to your advantage. Curling your hair either in or out is key for short rockabilly hair, and if your hair isn’t long enough to use curlers, try creating finger curls with setting cream. On top of curling the ends of your hair, use hair clips to set curls on top of your head for another option. Whatever you choose, make sure that you set aside an appropriate amount of time to execute your style with thorough neatness. Rockabilly style is always precise in its glamour, and even short hair should be styled with extra care.

Become Best Friends With Accessories

Another partner in rockabilly style, especially with short hair, is the constant use of both subtle and elaborate hair accessories. Topping off your short rockabilly style with rhinestone barrettes, vintage headbands, bandannas, hair ornaments and even flowers will give a lovely finish. Build up a collection of various accessories, found in most hair supply stores and boutiques, so that you can accompany your styling mood of the day. In rockabilly, accessories are a must!

Colour and Shine

To maximise the impact of your short rockabilly style, make sure that your hair colour and condition are at their best at all times. Colour should be bold and bright, and if you dye your hair, keep up on your roots. Treat yourself to a hair mask a few times a month— recommends mashing an avocado, egg yolk and 1/2 tsp olive oil in a bowl and applying it to your hair, then rinsing and washing after 30 minutes or so. This will create super soft hair and a shiny, healthy glow that emphasises the glamour of your style. The most common colours used in rockabilly style are ruby red, platinum blonde, and the blackest black made with a blue (not red) base. These colours create the most dramatic effect, but you can have any hair colour in rockabilly.

Patience, Patience, Patience!

The styling itself for your short rockabilly hair is something that will take time and effort to perfect. The best way is to practice as much as possible, especially if you are going to be using the style for a special occasion. By mastering your technique, you will have a better idea of how the style will turn out, and there will be less of a chance for something unexpected to pop up after it’s too late. However, don’t let yourself stress if the style doesn’t come out exactly how you want the first few times—there’s only one way to learn! Trial and error is inevitable and will only help you reach your styling goals.

Basic Styling

To create a good foundation for any short rockabilly style, run a quarter-sized amount of holding cream (not gel) into damp hair and either blow dry it or let it air dry. Once the hair is dry, use a curling iron to create emphasised curls in both the front and back of your head. If your hair is too short to even use a curling iron, rub some more holding cream onto your fingers and use them to manually mould curls, using hair clips to set them if necessary. Once the curl is dry enough to hold itself, remove the hair clips. Once curling is complete, you can either add an accessory now or pin up a few sections away from your face before doing so. If your short hair is long enough to pin up, make sure that all sections are pinned neatly and top the style with a flower or bandanna for the finishing touch.

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