Surprise birthday ideas for a best friend

Updated July 19, 2017

The relationship you have with your best friend is one of the most rewarding, important relationships of your life. Because of this, you have decided to throw your BFF a fantastic surprise birthday party. You are the perfect party planner for your best friend. Because you know him or her as well as you do, you will be able to plan a party that he or she truly appreciates.


A birthday is the one day a year that is unique and important and special to the birthday guy or gal. It is a day that should be celebrated. You know your best friend better than anyone else. You will be able to come up with great surprise birthday ideas that no one else could think of. Basically, you are the perfect person to plan a wonderful party for your friend. Your friendship holds the key to the perfect element of party perfection and surprise.


There are many different types of surprise parties that you can have. A traditional surprise party can be held at your house, with family and friends. This party can be tailored for the birthday guy by serving his favourite foods and providing his favourite drink. Another type of party is a surprise out-of-town getaway. Pick a destination that your friend has always wanted to visit and surprise him with this trip. This plan will take a bit of coordination, but will be worth the effort. If this is a female friend, another option is to plan a spa day, full of her favourite treatments.


If you are planning a traditional surprise party at a home or restaurant, arrange for your friend's favourite music to be played. If the budget allows, hire a D.J. or a live band. If the weekend getaway will work best for you and your best friend, choose a hotel that she would love. If she loves the nightlife, choose a hotel that caters to this. Many hotels have popular bars. Look at to find the hotel that is best suited for your BFF. For spa days, look into This website will give you plenty of details about any spa you are interested in. You will need to make this reservation in advance to make sure you can get all of the spa treatments your friend would desire.


Does your best friend prefer an intimate setting with a few friends or does he enjoy a big party? Again, you most certainly know the answer to that question. If you know he would enjoy a small party with several close friends, make sure that is the party you plan. Even though it is easy to go overboard with the planning, remember to tailor every detail around his preferences.


Remember to make a budget and stick to it. When planning a surprise party, the host or hostess will be in charge of all expenses. If you are getting some help in the party planning, make sure you outline who is responsible for each aspect of the party. Knowing who is in charge of food, drinks, cake and invitations is necessary in order to plan an organised party. If you are taking your best friend on a weekend getaway or a spa day, know that you and possibly your other friends need to pay for the birthday girl.

Time Frame

Does your best friend have an intensely busy schedule or does he have a pretty laid back life? If you know that your best friend works 70 hours a week and is exhausted on Friday nights, do not plan a party at 6:00pm on a Friday. If your friend can go out of town on a whim and loves to travel, the weekend getaway would be a perfect idea. If your BFF works in the evenings and is only available in the afternoon, the spa day would probably work best for his schedule.


This surprise party celebration could be one of the best birthdays of your best friend's life. The knowledge that you have about your best friend and your desire to plan the best possible party will ensure that the celebration will long be remembered and appreciated. Your friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness and preparation for her special surprise birthday party. You have the knowledge to make this the most fantastic party ever.

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